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Date: 2018-02-19 14:23

I have actually stopped women and told them in the middle of making out that I like them and I am not going to have sex with them because I want to see them again. That doesn 8767 t work at all because as soon as she hears that I don 8767 t want to have sex with her she instantly takes that to mean I am not attracted to her and now she wants me even more. I have gotten to the point where I feel like the stereotypical woman. Literally every single woman I date throws herself at me on the first date. I am not exaggerating and the last time that didn 8767 t happen was my second wife and that was in 7565. I feel like the woman, meaning, I have no clue if these girls actually like me or if they just want me inside of them. Truthfully, I have been single for two and a half years and I haven 8767 t had feelings for any of the women I have met until about a month ago. The same thing happened. I liked this girl a ton. After about the three hour time limit she jumps on me like an octopus, *censored*. I loved it. I have not felt a connection like I did with her since my second wife. She was super enthusiastic about our making out and I knew it was going very quickly towards being naked. So, I stopped, told her I needed to calm down and then I explained to her that she is wonderful and I really can 8767 t wait to see her again and I want her super duper bad but that I am not going to have sex with her that night because I want to see her again. This woman is extremely well educated. She has far more education than I do. She has a PhD and teaches at a local university. So we can 8767 t keep our hands (mouths) off of each other and after another twenty minutes we are having 8775 the talk 8776 . We decide to have sex and we decided I am going to stay the night. So we had sex a lot. It was amazing. I am still crazy about her a month and a half later and I haven 8767 t even heard from her in a month.. I bet you didn 8767 t see that coming.
I have anxiety from PTSD I take an SSRI for it. SSRI 8767 s negatively affect libido. I was crazy about her and I didn 8767 t want anything negatively affecting my libido so I stopped taking it cold turkey the very next day. I was completely unaware of the intense withdrawals. I went absolute nuts over the next two weeks and was not even self aware of how buzzard my behavior was and nobody said anything to me.
So after two weeks of being obsessive, possessive, insecure I scared her away. A few days later I ended up in the emergency room because the physical withdrawal symptoms had become so intense I could not function. That is when all of it was explained to me and They made me start taking the same exact crap again.
As my mind cleared and got back to normal I began realizing how I had acted toward her. I am so devastated with myself. I know I wasn 8767 t myself and it wasn 8767 t intentional blah, blah, blah. I just, I really felt like after two and a half years of searching I had finally found her and now she will just think of me as the crazy guy. I 8767 m not. I have never acted the way I acted in my entire life. My entire brain function was completely different. I literally was not me. It was nuts. But I can 8767 t convince her of that. She has no reason to believe me or even entertain my explanation. I wish she would. But I know she isn 8767 t obligated. I have never felt like this about someone before. I am 87 years old two marriages, plenty of dates. This woman has been ignoring me for a month and I still want her. I still want HER. I blew that. Guess it 8767 s back to the sexpots.

Colorado Man Discovers 1*censored*-old Daughter Is Not His

Can 8767 t say I agree with all of this post but I agree with most of it.
Bob Johnson and his then wife started BET with $65,555 and $555,555 in backing thirty years ago.  He built the business by giving his audience what they wanted to see.  A lot of us watched it and when the quality deteriorated a lot of us left it. I am counted among both groups. He then want on to sell out to Viacom and the rest is history.
I am not going to hate on Bob Johnson.  BET had its gems and if we are being honest the ratings for some of those shows were dismal. What Mr. Johnson was running was a business and not a social service agency or black up lift movement.  Mr Johnson knows a thing or two about how the world works, who owns the coin and who serves at the pleasure of the guys who own the coin. He places himself in the former category.  Wether we call them moguls or not the world still belongs to the guy able to write the check.  Johnson wrote the checks while we looked in awe at the higlhly leveraged and non-black financed and controled moguls all impressed.  But that is what we wanted to see. No one force fed us the crap that was on BET. No one is force feeding us that now. The viewers pointed the way to the content that was on that station. 
Was Mr. Johnson worried about the black collective? Did he put that first before his business sense? Before want was in the best interests of his family?. Was he obligated to do that?  The best role model for any *censored* is that living, breathing human being that lives in the house with them.
Their parents no media content.
So now we have Mr. Johnson 8767 s lovely daughter married and married well. No OOW, no drama. He  and his wife raised an accomplished, poised and well educated young lady.  They made sure she frequented the right circles that would put her in contact with quality men who actually owned the goods and services they represented and were eligible for marriage. That is what the Johnsons were supposed to do.  That is what every parent is suppose to do and you can bet many have been successful in doing the same in spite on the content on BET past and present. 
So not I am not going to hate on Bob Johnson. He did right by his daughter.  He was there to raise her and to give her the best start in life that he could provide for her. It would be great in more dads did the same. Not a woman on this site would want less for our own *censored*s and are actively looking for men just like willing to do the same.

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