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Date: 2018-02-14 14:23

Here in 7567 there is an epidemic of over-use of *censored* known factoids. 8775 Epidemic 8776 is used incorrectly there and it is not 8775 factoids 8776 but 8775 opioids 8776 and deaths are occurring everywhere. Or so they say. Who is 8775 they 8776 ? Or are 8775 they 8776 ? Government is who and they use the media to get the word out and it is a 8775 media frenzy 8776 they employ so that they can get us worked up and angry, demand something be done by way of taking our Rights or least another chunk. 8775 Opioid 8776 is interchangeable with 8775 opiate 8776 in printed 8775 news 8776 but it is 8775 synthetic pain reliever 8776 they are referring to not heroin. But toss in heroin so that many are arrested and much more assets seized.
But if you read something and you do not understand words in it you will not ask or look it up because who wants to appear stupid? Nobody does. That is what they count on. So pay no attention to the factoids from government and the media. and you will not worry about appearing stupid. A fact is a fact and nothing else is a fact.
The truth is not fact and the truth will not set you free. What you can remember as if it were just yesterday is nothing. Nobody has a photographic memory. Eye-witnesses are wrong more often than not. Taking somebody at their word allows you to be taken. Laws do not prevent crimes but only provide for punishment and those who demand 8775 mandatory minimums 8776 in sentencing do not understand the judicial system and are making a judge useless except to monitor the courtroom for violations and make rulings on procedure. The President cannot change The Bill of Rights but he never reminds the People of that. He continues to talk giving the impression he is part of the process, he is not. The Supreme Court make no laws they only rule on the meaning of laws, if they feel like it. And their ruling is not forever, laws must be tested in court before they actually are laws.
These are facts. Only facts can be used in court. And the fact that I know this nation is in big trouble and going down fast is the fact that 8775 Community Service 8776 is now a punishment, and Congress was complaining about the 8775 revolving door of government 8776 making it hard to get anything done! It is or was designed as and supposed to be a revolving door to keep it fair and just. Otherwise is becomes dictatorial. Demanding that elections be a majority rules is bad. This is not a Democracy but some things are democratic, a 8775 majority rules 8776 is 7 wolves and a lamb are going to vote on what to have for dinner

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